Voting at Butz Elementary Continues to Dominate School Board

Nazareth Area School District – February 12, 2018

Student Government Association

The Winter Formal will be held this Friday (2/16).  Over 250 students are planning to attend.

Community Concern

Joanne spoke to the board, urging them to call an in-service day during elections so children would not be harms way at Butz Elementary.  During the November 2017 election, State Trooper Kelly was shot on Route 33 resulting in a lock down at all Nazareth schools shutting out parents, although voters were still allowed into Kenneth Butz elementary to cast their ballots.

Crystal and Paul, two parents organizing an effort to move the polling place out of Butz Elementary and to the Bushkill Fire Department, reported that state Senator Mario Scavello has introduced a bill in response to their lobbying. It has 5 cosponsors and is currently moving through the state legislative system.  They reported that more people are signing the petition to move voting out of the school.

See the petition here:

Agenda Items

Item VII passed. Links to the meeting agenda and minutes can be found here:


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because residents have a right to know what their government is doing.

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