Student Safety Crossing Friedenstahl Ave a Continuing Concern

The February 14th meeting was cancelled due to weather.

February 21, 2018 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting


Street Sweeping is scheduled from April 2-6th

Curb-side yard waste will be collected from April 16-20th

The yard waste facility opens on April 21st

Community Concerns

There was a bad house fire at 3558 Penfield Way on Feb. 15th which affected other homeowners. (Everyone in attendance gave the Fire Chief a big round of applause.) The cause of the fire turned out to be electrical, due to incorrect wiring. Some residents in that development have hired professional electricians to inspect their homes.

In response to a resident’s complaint about garbage piling up on a local property and an old car parked for years in the driveway, the supervisors suggested calling the township office and reporting it as an ordinance violation.

Another resident complained about traffic on Friedenstahl Avenue and the danger to school children from speeding cars. (This has been a big theme this year. You’d think the school district would have noticed by now). Some remedies mentioned included a stop sign, speed bumps, flashing lights to mark a school crossing, rumble strips, crossing guards or repainting the road to add curves so it no longer runs in a straight line.

     The Supervisors said they would schedule 2 public meetings to get feedback on the issue and then partner with the school board to come up with a plan. Currently, the students walk back and forth on streets which do not have sidewalks and the school board has never put together a safe passage plan for these students.


The township has $650,000 cash on hand due to increased revenues and a deficit written into the 2017 budget. Supervisors plan to transfer money into the pension fund, replace some equipment, maybe hire another police officer and address problems with animal control.

Many of the township’s roads are overdue for line striping.

The Supervisors approved an ad to solicit bids to pave roads this summer. Mitchell, Hillside and Creekside are all on the list to be redone.

Heritage Village came in with a map showing their construction of assisted living facilities. They need to move between 20-30,000 cubic yards of fill to build up part of their property. If they bring the fill from outside it will require 1,000 triple axel trucks running on township roads. Instead, they plan to harvest 26,000 cubic yards of fill from Phase III and move it over to Phase II. No formal action was required from the board but everyone expects local residents to be irritated by the 5am truck traffic and the amount of dust in the area.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

An approval for $29,889 from Ram’s Siding to replace the roof on the township municipal building along with $6,500 in additional funds to fix any unforeseen damage. The roof has been leaking for a while and part of a ceiling has come down.

Approval for the township manager to attend 2 conferences at a price less than $2,000.

Approval for the treasurer to attend the GFOA conference

Approval for Royal Security to upgrade surveillance cameras at a cost of $3,288

Approval for Royal Security to upgrade access codes at Tuske’s Park. So many keys have gone missing, security has become a concern.

Approval for $2,500 to put out the Spring newsletter. The deadline for columns is March 2nd.


Becky Bartlett is a resident of Upper Nazareth and covers these meetings because citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.






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