Supervisors Vote to move Polling Place from Municipal Building


November 7, 2018 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting



The Planning Commission meets on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00 PM.

YMCA of the YMCA Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie 5K Run/Walk

Community Concerns

Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger (me!) pointed out that Bushkill, Lower Nazareth and Moore townships are all rushing to preserve land and open space. Every community around us preserving land means the developers will come here to build their warehouses. I asked what we needed to do to begin the same process. Solicitor Gary Asteak said the township would first have to complete an Open Space plan (E.J. Mentry was working on this before he resigned), then a referendum would be put on the ballot to add 0.25% Earned Income Tax to fund Open Space. An Environmental Advisory Council would also be a good idea. Most municipalities already have these.  Robert Disbrow said the Recreation Board is developing a questionnaire to go out to all UNT residents and that it will include a question on preserving open space.

A resident from Gun Club Road said there had been digging at the proposed warehouse site and wanted to know if that was related to the pipeline.  The Engineer said they were testing for storm water requirements.

A Bath Pike resident complained about the noise on 248 coming from Jake Brakes used by trucks. He came to a board meeting a year ago to about this issue and it’s getting worse. The Engineer said the noise is caused by improper muffling and the state doesn’t have good regulations on it. Police Chief Cope said he can’t put officers out to monitor the problem.

Someone asked a question about how the township will handle a fire if it breaks out at the Pallet Place on Gun Club Road.  Answer: bring water in on a tanker truck.

Election Troubles

Police Chief Cope suggested the polling place be moved out of the township building for safety issues. Election day was chaotic with long lines and the room was left in shambles. Gary suggested the supervisors write a letter to the Election’s Board, saying the Municipal Building will no longer be available for voting.

Trap, Neuter, Return

Pastor Larry Vandever treated the supervisors to a rambling presentation on a program to deal with feral cats. It involved the reading of scripture and graphic descriptions of dead animals. Gary suggested Mr. Vanderver write a letter to the supervisors detailing exactly what he wanted from the township.


Approval of the Monocacy Creek Watershed Storm water Management Ordinance #179

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to pay $3,800 to Certified Testing Labs for the Road Posting and Coring project

Approval to joing the NAZCOG in the Animal Control Officer Program at a cost of 50 cents/head. Half of the money will be covered by a matching grant from the County.

Approval to adverise the 2019 General Fund and Liquid Fuels Budget

Approval and Authorization to advertise the 2019 Re-Organization and other meeting dates.

Approval to increase the salary of public works employee Craig Hoffman


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.





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