UNT seeking volunteers for Census Committee/Planning Commission


June 5, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisors Meeting


June 13th @ 7:30 PM Planning Commission Meeting

UNT is looking for Volunteers to serve on a committee for the 2020 Census.

A position on the Planning Commission is open. Anyone interested in serving should submit a letter of intent to the Township Manager.

Public Comment

A Resident asked the Supervisors for a Resolution supporting Fair Districting. She pointed out that, under the current system, voters don’t pick their legislators, legislators pick their voters. Our township is split between 2 different state representatives, making it difficult to get anything done. The Supervisors suggested she speak to the township manager about inviting an expert to do a presentation.

Shawn Shupe from Public Works said he checked into the complaint about a sink hole on 5th Street and couldn’t find it.

Someone dumped 2-3 gallons of gasoline down a storm drain in the Red Cliff development. The sewer had to be blocked off and cleaned up. The resident will likely be fined and charged with Criminal Mischief and Illegal Dumping.

Eagle Project Completed

Ewan Moore did a presentation on his Eagle Project. He’s installed a GaGa Ball Pit in Tuske’s Park. The pit is now open to the public.


Approval of a waiver request for a Traffic Study for the proposed Forensic Center.  The Supervisors also granted conditional approval for the 25,000 ft2 project.

Approval to accept the land development plan for the Vigourouz/Keller Plan for filing with the Zoning Officer. The Vigourouz/Keller project is for agricultural tourism events such as weddings and Farm-to-Table dinners.

  • A Resident who lives near the area pointed out that an Ordinance was granted to a business in the past. The township refused to enforce the restrictions (limited number of cars allowed during the day, no parking overnight, etc.) despite repeated complaints from the neighbors. Eventually, Gary Asteak ruled that, since the rules hadn’t been enforced in years, they couldn’t be enforced at all. She wanted reassurance that the governmental neglect wouldn’t continue with this project.

Heritage Village Phases 3 & 4

Approval of a waiver request SALDO 733.613 – Minimum separation distance between driveway and a street intersection.

Approval of Conditional Final Plan of Phase 3&4. No building permit issued until bridge completed.

Tabled — a request to change a driveway in Phase 2. Jay Benfield of the Planning Commission pointed out this would turn a dead end street into a through-way. Gary Asteak requested representatives be asked to attend the next meeting to discuss this.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval for increases in payments for the scour work on the Penn Dixie Road Bridge

Approval to purchase Facebook ads for residents to serve on the 2020 Census Committee.

Approval to pay for an ad in the Key and on Facebook for the open position on the Planning Commission.

Approval of Resolution of 19-10 to purchased equipment through a CFA grant. UNT’s share will be ~$7,500 of the $236,381.25 price.

Approval to hire a new Public Works employee at $16.47/hour.

Approval to decommission a 2005 Ford Explorer.

Approval to purchase 2 laptops for the Police Department for $3,330.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their governments are doing.

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