Public asks questions of the Planning Commission, doesn’t get answers.

November 14, 2019 – UNT Planning Commission Meeting

Public Comment

Supervisor-Elect Kristin Mullen reported that she had attended an LVPC workshop on water working.

A representative from the Citizen’s Group, who pointed out that he is not part of the Mandamus Action, wanted to know why the Planning Commission was not addressing the proposals presented at the October 10th meeting. His inquiry was met with blank stares which, he pointed out, is an all too common response. Another resident pointed out that the township has not respond to emails, letters or phone calls about the same subject. “This is exactly why a Mandamus Action was filed.”

A resident asked the Planning Commission to explain their role. Zoning Officer Sloe said their role is defined by the Municipal Planning Code. (The MPC is 15 pages long.) A question about why it’s so hard for the public to get answers wasn’t directly addressed, but Pam Berlew claimed that citizens who attend the meetings are asking for the Planning Commission to deny permitted development. A resident asked about a regulation in the MPC which requires that development proposals must be posted in a general circulation newspaper two weeks prior to a meeting. He says that he has written letters to the township about this requirement. He also asked for a definition for “permitted use.” Response from the Planning Commission – Blank stares. Sloe said he was not required to answer questions during the Courtesy of the Floor section of the meeting. When the township Solicitor and Engineer aren’t present (they weren’t at the October meeting or this one), the public doesn’t get answers.

Frustration was expressed because residents go to the Supervisors meetings to make comments about proposed projects, but the Supervisors won’t comment because it’s at the “Planning Commission level”, but then the Planning Commission won’t respond to the public either.

Another resident asked about the status of the Tadmore project and was told an 18 page letter was sent out 4 months ago with suggestions for changes.

John & Delores Schoeneberger Subdivision

The Planning Commission approved an extension to January 31, 2020 for this project.

Submissions for the December 12th must be filed by November 21st.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens has a right to know what their government is doing.

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