Planning Commission Grants Extension to Project Tadmor

All PC members were in attendance, as well as John Soloe, Sean Dooley and Gary Asteak.
The meeting started late at 7:07, due to Scott Sylvainus being stuck in traffic.

New Business

Project Tadmor – 3363 Gun Club Rd – Extension Request – to February 28, 2020 (Approved)
Preliminary Land Development Landscaping and Grading Plans for JVI, LLC – Project Tadmor
Jim Vozar stated that they are here to update the plan regarding grading, landscaping and storm water.
Nicole Gallio, from Maser, not too many grading changes, but they are adding a basin for road runoff near the end of Gun Club Rd, close to 248. There is also a smaller basin next to the larger basin to the west of building A (the smaller of the two buildings). There will be 10-15′ berms, with a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees, as well as flowering shrubs. The evergreens will be on top, with the deciduous trees in front. Deciduous trees will be in front of the basins to the west of building A, and shrubs will be behind building B. The grade of building B will be lower than initially planned, with a 16′ vertical difference from the homes in Florey Farms. To lower visual impact, the loading docks will be 16′ below grade, and they will do their best to save some of the existing trees near building B.
She also stated that they met with Geoff Reese, from the LVPC, on Monday and are working on a re-submission to the LVPC addressing their concerns.
Sean Dooley noted that there has been no change to the buildings layout or size. He said that JVI did not address truck parking spaces. He noted that the south side of the property berming and landscaping exceeded ordinance requirements.
Nicole Gallio responded to Dr. Dooley’s concern over truck parking, stating that due to the location of the guard shack on the property, they did not feel the need for additional parking, just room for a turnaround. JVI stated that if trucks needed to rest, there would be space available on site.
Dr. Dooley asked if the developer could provide some assurance in writing that states that truckers would be permitted to rest on property, so as not to incur truck stacking on Gun Club Rd. Legal representation for JVI stated that they would work with Mr. Asteak to get something written.
JVI said that they will have signs that state “U turns only. No parking or standing”
John Soloe had no questions or comments.
Gary Asteak expressed his concern that the facility be hidden from view of travelers on Gun Club Rd, as well as the residents of Gun Club Rd. Jim Vozar stated that they will be planting more mature trees. Mr. Asteak said that he would like to see an arborist’s plan and visuals for the homeowners, such as a balloon test. Nicole Gallio stated that the building is now lower than when the initial balloon test was conducted. She said that they can do another, but it would have to wait until spring, due to the cold and a lack of helium. Mr. Asteak also wanted to know what is being done to help with sounds, as beeping trucks will be an annoyance to the neighbors.
A resident, Carol Ford, asked if everyone on the Planning Commission had read the LVPC’s letter, they all replied “yes”. She also stated her concern regarding safety with the increase in traffic, and the wear and tear on our roads.
Scott Sylvainus apologized for not clarifying earlier that public comment on this agenda item is to be only on what is being presented by the developer today, which is grading and landscaping.
Jason Mohap questioned the developer about off-site drainage issues, but was told that they will only be discussing this site. He then asked about the depth of the large basin. JVI responded that the small basin will be 7 feet deep, and the large basin will be 19 feet deep, the been in front of these basins is a 7 foot difference.
Dr. Dooley asked if they could plant shrubs for headlight screening. JVI said that they will add something to the plan for the next submission.
Another resident expressed his concern for pedestrian safety on Gun Club Rd, especially at night, and asked if there will be any street lighting. JVI responded that they have no plans to add street lighting. There will be 5 foot wide sidewalks between two of the entrances of the property.
PC chairman, Scott Sylvainus, asked if any members of the PC had any questions or comments, Jim Campana and Wilhelmina Donnelly responded “no”, Pam Berlew said that she had a question regarding the headlights, but it was addressed earlier. Scott Sylvainus asked if guard shacks were typically set so far into a property. Jim Vozar responded that is was logistically easier, and also allows for truck stacking on property, otherwise is could push trucks to Gun Club Rd.
Jim Vozar said that they plan to improve the railroad crossing. Scott Sylvainus asked if rail service would change the design of the property. Jim Vozar “probably not. We do not have any tenants interested that would use the rail service.” He also said that they are preparing the building for strictly a warehouse.
Mr. Sylvainus mentioned the LVPC’s letter regarding storm water. Pam Berlew asked if there would be a water tower for fire safety. Me. Vozar responded that they would probably need one for building B, and it would most likely be located on the northeast corner of the property. 
JVI said that they will be back in January with renderings of the view for residents of Gun Club Rd and Florey Farms.
Next meeting is January 9, 2020 7:00pm
Submission deadline is December 19, 2019 3:00pm
Many thanks to Kristin Mullen for covering this meeting.
These meetings are covered because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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