Residents will receive a separate bill for the Library Tax

Nov. 18, 2020 UNT Supervisor’s Meeting

Absent: Donna Hirst

Editor’s Note: The meeting didn’t start until 7:11PM due to ‘technical difficulties’ and the video froze which mean attendees couldn’t use a visual to figure out who was speaking. The audio issues continue. Although the feedback has improved, people’s voices cut in and out making it hard to interpret what is being said.

Courtesy of the Floor

A resident expressed congratulations to the Nazareth Memorial Library for winning an award from the Pennsylvania Library Association.


Editor’s Note: The township continues to not provide documents to the public including the Treasurer’s Report and Resolutions. With the audio problems, it’s often impossible to understand what is being voted on. If you want specific information on any of these approvals, I recommend calling the Township Office directly.

Approval of the 2021 General Fund Budget Resolution No. 20-23

Approval of the 2021 Real Estate Tax Rate, Resolution 20-24

Approval of Act 511 Taxes, Resolution No. 20-25

Approval of the 2021 Liquid Fuels Budget

Approval of the 2021 Recreation Budget

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to advertise the Township Pollutant Reduction Plan

Approval to Advertise a Resolution appointing a CPA firm to Conduct the 2020 Audit

Approval to advertise the 2021 Re-organization, Board of Supervisor

Approval for the Police Dept. to purchase an outfitted Ford Explorer for a price not to exceed $42,371


The Supervisors held a discussion about the Library Tax Levy. Because mortgage companies won’t pay this tax, the next mailing from the Tax Collector will include two invoices– one for real estate taxes, one for the Library. The Supervisors passed this 4 to 1 with Scott Sylanius voting against.

Approval of the 2021 Holiday Schedule which will include Veteran’s Day.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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