Supervisors discuss reopening parks

UNT Supervisors – February 3, 2021

Courtesy of the Floor

I thanked the Public Works employees for all they did to clear the roads during a historic snowstorm.

I also asked about the Open Space Plan, if there was an Open Space committee and when had they last met? Lisa Klem said a new committee would be formed after the plan was submitted and approved.

My last statement regarded the proposed Resolutions on the Library Tax. I pointed out that I, and a majority of UNT citizens, had voted for the Referendum on the Library last year because we wanted our tax dollars to go to the Library. Not into the Tax Collector’s pocket and not wasted on unnecessary printing and mailing costs.

Supervisor’s Comments

Robert Disbrow thanked the 7 Public Workers for all their work during the storm.

Solicitor’s Comments

Gary Asteak reported that Jason Mohap et all had filed 4 lawsuits against the township. Two have been dismissed and 2 are pending.


21-05: Approval of the proposed Open Space plan 5 to 0. Lisa Klem said the plan would be sent to DCNR for approval and the township could apply for reimbursement for the costs to put the plan together. Also, a new Open Space Committee will have to be formed.

21-06: Compensation of the Tax Collector for the Collection of Special Library Tax. Approval 3 to 2 to give Tracy Adamski $4,000 per year to collect the tax as well as reimbursing costs for postage, books, blanks and forms.  (Mullen and Sylvanius voted against).

21-07: Establishing Discount and Penalty Rates for Collection of Special Library tax. Taxpayers shall pay the base amount of tax due on or before April 15 of each year there shall be a 2% discount and if paid after June 15 of each year there shall be a 10% penalty. Passed 5 to 0.

21-08: Establishing the Compensation of the Tax Collector – 2022. Approval to set the Tax Collector’s salary in 2022 at $13,996 per year with an additional $4,000 for collection the Special Library Tax. Passed 3 to 2. (Mullen and Sylvanius voted against).

Planning and Zoning

 Mike Rinker said there was a mistake in the address for the new Forensic Center – it’s 300 Gracedale Avenue, not 100. Lisa Klem said she’d make the change on the permit.

Public Works

Approval to accept a resignation letter from a Public Works Employee


The Supervisors discussed reopening the parks. Some municipalities are allowing groups to use them, the Clippers have held practices in Tatamy. Groups may be required to install their own Port-a-potty in the park and arrange for it to be padlocked when not in use and cleaned once week. The Supervisors decided to contact Lower Nazareth and Bushkill townships to seek what they are doing with their parks during the pandemic.

Robert Disbrow said the Recreation Committee would meet and set a date for the 2021 Community Days.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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