UNT Community Days Schedule for August 27 & 28

UNT Supervisors – February 17, 2021

Township Engineer

Approval to reduce the Letter of Credit for Heritage Village Phase 2 by $188,299.

Approval to reduce the Letter of Credit for Heritage Village Phase 3-4 by $399,445.

Township Solicitor

Gary Asteak requested permission to draft a simple contract between the township and the Nazareth Memorial Library to transfer funds from the Library Tax minus administrative costs. The Library Code requires there to be a contract whenever a municipality makes a contribution to a Library. Voters approved a referendum in 2020 authorizing a special Library Tax but the referendum did not specify that the funds were going to Nazareth Memorial Library.  I asked if the township was going to disclose all administrative fees and if that information would be available to the public. Mr. Asteak said “yes” to both. Supervisors approved the request 4 to 1 with Robert Disbrow voting against.

Supervisors approved Resolution No. 21-09 were pertained to an upcoming merger between RCN and Stone Peak. This was in regards to the Indirect Control of the Franchise under the Cable Television Franchise.

Township Manager

The 2020 4th Quarter Nationwide Police Pension report is available for review at the township office.

The 2020 4th Quarter Girard Police Pension Report is available for review at the township office.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to increase the wage scale for Public Works employees to bring it in line with neighboring municipalities. The top rate will be $28.50/hour.

Approval for a conditional offer employment for a part-time Public Works employee.

Approval for a conditional offer of employment for a full-time Public Works employee.


Approval to accept a Letter of Resignation from a Recreation Board member.

There are now three open seats on the Recreation Board. Anyone interested in serving should contact the township office.

Approval to schedule Community Days for August 27 & 28th  

At the Feb. 3rd meeting the Supervisors discussed whether to reopen the parks. Kristen Mullen asked if anyone had researched what our neighbors are doing. Lisa Klem reported that Lower Nazareth and Bushkill never closed their parks and instituted a ‘play at your own risk’ policy.

Fire Department

Approval to appoint Jeff Fassi, the Fire Chief, as the Fire Marshal. Chief Fassi thanked the public for shoveling out fire hydrants during the last storm.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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