UNT Supervisors continue to show hostility to the Library

March 17, 2021 – UNT Supervisors Meeting


March 29 – April 2nd – Street sweeping. Residents are asked to sweep cinders off sidewalks into the street

April 12 – 16th – Curbside yard waste collection

April 24th – Yard Waste site on Friedenstahl Avenue opens

Supervisors Comments

Rob Disbrow pointed to a Lehigh Valley Live article about a proposed tax levied against municipalities to pay for the Pennsylvania State Police. UNT’s estimated bill will be around $44,000. Disbrow said neighboring municipalities are complaining about the proposed tax and recommended a letter be written to the Governor in opposition. Donna Hirst suggested letters also be sent to Rep. Joe Emrick and State Senator Mario Scavello. Lisa Klem will draft the letter.

Disbrow also said UNT will be getting about $700K from the recent federal COVID-19 bill. He recommended the township use the money to pay for expanding the fire department, paving roads, the MS4 stormwater requirements and to fill the gap in the police pension fund. Lisa Klem said diverting the money to pension funds would not be permitted and she will put a list together about what would be allowed.

Mike Rinker said many of the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted on April 4th. Supervisors agreed to bring staff back full-time on April 5th and, on April 21st, staff will be allowed to attend meetings in person. The public will continue to attend virtually.


Approval for a credit reduction of $162K for Scenic View Estates


Gary presented the draft of an agreement between the township and Nazareth Memorial Library to transfer the tax collected. Donna Hirst then went on a rant against the library, claiming they were putting older residents in a predicament. She said this was a ‘consequence’ to the library’s ‘actions and that the 2020 referendum was due to how irresponsible the library behaved in 2019 during budget discussions. (Editor’s Note: Four municipalities fund Nazareth Memorial Library. In 2019, only UNT seemed to have issues with the library’s bill).

Hirst said the library had lowered the bills for the other municipalities by 15% this year but not for UNT. (Editor’s Note: Well, duh! UNT voted to pay for library services through a referendum because UNT supervisors wouldn’t adequately fund it through the budget).

Gary Asteak said that the agreement was good for one year only and supervisors could choose a different library to fund next year.

Approval of the agreement passed 3 to 2, Disbrow and Rinker voted against.

Buzzi Unicom owns the land on Friedenstahl Avenue where the township stores its salt and public works equipment. There hasn’t been a formal agreement concerning this arrangement in years. Buzzi sent a notice to the township for a formal lease with payment of rent. UNT will also be required to buy pollution liability insurance. Asteak proposed the township pay the assess value for taxes for the building and land – about $3,000. The township will then go to the county Revenue Appeal Board and seek a tax exemption.


Lisa Klem requested approval to advertise an RFP to hire a consultant for zoning and SALDO Upgrade. Scott pointed out that the longer the township waits the greater the risk for large development. A $15 million offer is being made now. Despite that argument, the motion failed 3 to 2 with Rinker, Disbrow and Hirst voting against.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval to pay $48,516/ year for 5 years to lease a 2022 Mack Cab and Stainless Dump

Approval for an ad for full-time police department.

Parks & Recreation

Approval to appoint Lisa Pollicheck (sp?) to the Recreation Board. Two positions are still open. Anyone who is interested in serving should send a letter to the township office.

Approval to open the fields and pavilions at the park, but keep the concession stand and restrooms closed. Groups will be allowed to BYOB – Bring Your Own Bathroom– by installing port-a-potties.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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