Spring Curbside Yard Waste Collection April 12-16

ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS include unlimited amounts of yard waste (leaves, branches,
twigs, roots, bushes, flowers, house plants, garden clippings) that will be collected curbside and
composted instead of placed in a landfill. Place your yard waste in a clean open-top container. **** NO
PLASTIC BAGS ****. Branches must be tied with cotton or hemp twine in bundles no larger than
12′ x 12′ x 6 and weighing no more than 40lbs. Leaves must be bagged separately in compostable
bags. (Available at various hardware and grocery stores)

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS will not be collected and include: grass clippings, tree
stumps, loose soils, sod, food waste, plastics and synthetic fibers, lumber, any wood or tree limbs over 4”
diameter; human or animal excrement,

2 thoughts on “Spring Curbside Yard Waste Collection April 12-16

  1. I don’t wanna sound dumb , but do I set whatever out in front Of my property or how does this happen ? I live out on rt 248 by tuskes park . I don’t see my location on the chart . This is the reason for my question


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