Zoning Hearing devolves into chaos

The Zoning Board meeting on September 29th was a loud and messy affair.

The first case on the agenda concerned a question–had Zoning Officer Sloe erred in issuing a permit for the warehouses on Gun Club Road (Project Tadmor)?

Attorney Rust, who represented the residents of Gun Club Road, spent 40 minutes trying to get the case continued, claiming the notices put out by the Zoning Officer were grossly deficient and that the meeting did not allow the public the opportunity to attend virtually. He also complained that the Township had relied on the developer’s arguments to make their case instead of issuing their own findings.

The continuance was denied and the meeting moved on to discuss whether the zoning appeal was ‘timely’ as in “did the appellate make a timely appeal of Mr. Sloe’s determination?” A 15 minute argument over the acceptance of documents followed. Gary Asteak challenged the authenticity of documents including those which had been pulled off the township’s website such as the zoning permit and minutes from the supervisor’s meetings.

After 90 minutes of this theatre of the absurd, I decided to leave. A friend who stayed until the end gave me a report.

The Zoning Board determined that the Citizen’s Group met the timeliness of submitting their appeal within the 30 days of learning the permit issuance. The Board then moved to hear the case on the appeal of the classification of the facility but, at 10:30PM, moved to shift the hearing to the October meeting.

The Board voted to postpone the hearing on the special exception of the retail space on Broad Street Extension (it would allow a gun shop in a site that currently houses a restaurant) and will hear that in October.

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