Tadmor 2 Developer receives approval to start moving dirt

October 6, 2021 – UNT Supervisor’s Meeting


Supervisors approved Trick-orTreat for October 31st, 6:00PM – 8:00PM. There will also be a ‘party’ for children at the Firehouse.


Approval for a traffic study on Schoeneck Ave with the intent to drop the speed limit to 25mph from the border with Bushkill Township to Tatamy Road. I asked if the survey was related to accidents on Schoeneck Ave and was told ‘no.’

A stormwater (MS-4) survey has been scheduled for the basin in Farmview. Supervisors discussed the sinkhole which has closed the road past the Intermediate School, saying that most of it lies in Palmer Township.


Supervisors approved a pre-recording indemnification agreement for Tadmor II, 4-to-1 with Kristen Mullens voting against. The agreement will give the developer the right to start moving dirt with the posting of $50,000 to cover inspections. Dirt movement excludes installing foundations or the construction of vertical buildings. The developer will proceed at his own risk. Robert Disbrow asked who would do an inspection in the event of a heavy rainfall. Answer—the township and the Conservation District. The Conservation District’s approval is required to do any digging.

Approval of Ordinance No. 186 which prohibits owners from allowing livestock to run at large. A resident from Michael’s School Road asked why poultry is mentioned because chickens can fly and she doesn’t want to clip her bird’s wings. She wanted to know who would set the fine for any escapees. Gary Asteak said that it’s up to the police to write a ticket which they would be unlikely to do for one chicken. A judge can set fines up to $1,000.

Approval for Improvements Agreement for Heritage Village Phase 5&6 with a $2 million-plus letter of credit.

Scott Sylvanius inquired about Penn East pipeline, asking how it could affect UNT residents. Gary said it’s likely the Penn East corporation will turn any easements back to property owners.


Approval for a conditional offer for an Interim Treasurer. Betty Parrish will retire next year and the township wants to bring in her replacement early to train with her.

Approval to appoint Michelle Martin to the Environmental Action Committee. There is one remaining opening on the board. Anyone who is interested should send a letter of interest to the township office.

Approval for the township manager to send a letter to Senator Scavello and Representative Emrick about updating the Municipal Planning Code.

Supervisors agreed to hold an Employee Appreciation Luncheon in December. The date will be announced later.

Available for review:

  • 2021 3rd Quarter Nationwide Police Pension Report
  • 2021 3rd Quarter Girard Police Pension Report


Approval to appoint Josh Gurinko to Assistant Road Superintendent with a salary increase from $28.50 to $30/hour.

Approval to advertise for a CPA audit – something which is required by law.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because residents have a right to know what their government is doing.

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