UNT taking steps to limit truck traffic in some developments

UNT Supervisor’s Meeting – February 16, 2022

Mike Rinker was absent


A fire on Gun Club Road was reported at the start of the meeting and the Fire Chief had to leave.

A review of the MS4 (stormwater) program was held prior to the meeting. Another review of the MS4 program will be held on March 16th.

The UNT Spring newsletter should be mailed out at the end of March barring any production problems


The Supervisors decided to not file their own RFP for a Zoning plan but instead meet with Lower Nazareth Township, Nazareth Borough and maybe Bath Borough to see about doing a coordinated zoning plan.


Approval for a Truck Restriction Engineering study to post signs at Florey Farms subdivision (Route 248) for a 10 ton weight limit and “No trucks except for local deliveries” signage.

Approval for Township Solicitor Gary Asteak to draft an ordinance to be reviewed at the next meeting for signage on Gun Club Road to limit truck traffic on the southern end. Part of Gun Club Road is in Nazareth which will make the verbiage more complicated. The engineer pointed out that large trucks can’t transverse the curve on Gun Club Road without crossing over the center line.


Gary Asteak reported that Tadmor has filed a certification and there will be a court case in April concerning the definition of a warehouse.


Approval of an upgrade to the phone system. (The last installation was in 2008). The Verizon system will cost $409.95 per month with a $1,740 set up fee.

Approval for the township to apply for a State Local Share funding grant for $290,000 to purchase 2 new trucks and other equipment. The application includes a $100 fee and must be filed by March. This motion passed 3-to-1 with Brian Sayago voting against because the Resolution had not been made available to the public in advance.


Approval for Keystone Engineering to draft an ordinance for stormwater improvements in Farmview Estates. The township plans for the UNT Public Works department to handle the work in-house and to install the improvements this summer.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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