UNT must write 2 checks for 2022 taxes

February 2, 2022 – UNT Supervisors meeting


A resident asked about the note included in the Real Estate tax bill.  This year, homeowners must write 2 separate checks: 1 for the township taxes, another for the Library tax.  Next year the bill will be itemized and homeowners will only have to write one check.


Gary Asteak reported that a group of residents in Farmview Estates have engaged with an attorney and will be responding to the complaint by Faust Family Limited Partnership.


Approval to order an F-150 pickup for the Police Department. This new vehicle will replace one with over 160K miles on it. With the problems in the supply chain, the PD doesn’t expect to get the vehicle on the road until October or November.


Gary Asteak reported that Tadmoor is willing to install prefab concrete at the railroad crossing near Gun Club Road if Norfolk Southern approves.

Gary reported on the recent Council of Governments or COG meeting, which will take a regional view on zoning. The COG is working on a multi-municipal comprehensive plan.

Gary reported on the ongoing tax appeal on the yard waste recycling facility on Friedenstahl Avenue. He thinks the case will go to court in April.


There will be an MS-4 (stormwater) workshop before the next Supervisor’s meeting on Feb 16th


The 2021 4th Quarter Nationwide Police Pension Report and the 2021 4th Quarter Girard Police Pension Report are available for review

Approval of the appointment of an alternate engineer, Carol Engineering. Carol Engineering will only be used on an as-needed basis.

Approval 4 to 1 of appointing Lisa Klem Credit Card Authorization Officer. (Brian Sayago voted against, saying he won’t vote ‘yes’ on any Resolution unless it is published 7 days in advance)

Approval to pay an additional $200 for an upgrade to E Code to post all Resolutions, Ordinances, etc.


Mike Rinker requested someone look into the condition of the Ranch House, located on the corner of 191 and Friedenstahl Avenue. Parts of the building are blowing off in the wind. Lisa Klem reported that the Zoning Officer sent a letter a month ago. Now he needs to follow that up with an enforcement order.


The Director of the County’s Park & Rec department will attend the next meeting


Approval by a vote of 4 to 1 of the new Emergency Operations Plan. (Brian Sayago voted against because of the failure to publish the Resolution in advance. He said even the supervisors didn’t receive it until 5 minutes before the meeting)

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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