Farmview residents speak out about Faust lawsuit

UNT Supervisor’s Meeting – January 19, 2022

Mike Rinker was absent


Residents from Farmview Estates spoke about the lawsuit filed against them by Faust Family Partnership.

On resident asked what Faust will do if he acquires all the acreage he wants—will he have enough land then to build? Gary Asteak said ‘yes’ although Scott Sylvanius pointed out that Faust will only be able to claim half of the of the 15 foot right-of-ways. The resident pointed out that, if Faust covers the ground with macadam it will make the water drainage on 2nd Street worse.

Scott Sylvanius said that the zoning laws have changed and that Faust would have to meet current standards on stormwater with any new development.

A resident from Mt. Vernon Ave claimed that Faust has taken the whole 15 feet of one of the right-of-ways with some landscaping bushes.

Another resident said that the retention pond already in place overflows and causes damage to her property.

Gary Asteak reported that residents have 20 days to respond to Faust’s lawsuit after they’ve been served by mail. The neighbors adjoining the property should have been served by the Sheriff, but no one reported receiving notice that way. Gary Asteak cannot represent any members of the public in this lawsuit because he is representing the township which is also being sued.

One resident said that some of the homeowners are signing on with Gary Brienza for representation.


Brian Sayago said that it costs $4,000 extra to send two library bills and that it caused a great deal of confusion last year—some people still haven’t received the refunds they are owed from 2021. He wants the township to send a consolidated bill to save money. He also said that the tax collector should have come to the Supervisors earlier about this issue because the bills are supposed to go out on February 1st.

If they make the change, some of the bills would have to be reprinted which could cost an extra $860. Scott Sylvanius suggested setting up the one bill for 2023 and adding a note to the 2022 mailing to remind homeowners to write out two separate checks.

Supervisors voted 3-to-1 to issue one tax bill in 2023. Rob Disbrow was opposed.

Gary Asteak will research the township not having to pay the extra $4,000 to the tax collector for the extra bill after someone suggested that pay raise was permanent.


Approval to appoint Tad Williams to the Vacancy Board by a vote of 3-to-1. Rob Disbrow voted against.


Brian Sayago  said the township should have a separate code enforcement officer because there are complaints about the Zoning Officer not issuing citations. A code enforcement officer would make the citations proactive, not reactive. Gary Asteak pointed out that the Zoning budget would have to be restructured to pay the new salary.

Township Manager Lisa Klem will look into this and report back in a future meeting.

Brian Sayago pointed out that, in November 2020, a proposal to hire a firm to review the Zoning plan but that the township never followed through.


A long discussion about using asphalt or concrete for the crossing took place with estimates from $50K – $500K. If concrete is used the township will assume maintenance. If asphalt, Northfolk Southern assumes maintenance. No one knew if JVI would cover the cost of paving the railroad crossing or not. Police Chief Cope reported that there have been two train derailments in that area in the last five years.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the rest of meeting and left after this discussion.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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