The Recreation Committee is planning several events in 2022

UNT Supervisors – April 20, 2022

Absent – Robert Disbrow and Mike Rinker


The Yard Waste Facility on Friedenstahl Avenue opens on Saturday, April 23rd


I thanked the Public Works employees for their curbside pickup of yard waste this week

A Broad Street Extension resident asked about speeding by cars and trucks on her road. Supervisors suggested she call the UNT Police Department

A Roseann Ave resident complained about neighbor disputes and repeated visits from the UNT police


A representative from Maher Duessel gave the report. Revenue is up due to the American Rescue plan money, expenses are up for Police department positions and equipment.  $107,000 was collected for the Library tax and the money was turned over to the Library.

Brian Sayago asked about the repeat of several management items from previous audits and wanted to know if these could be addressed so they wouldn’t wind up on future audits.  (One example: no recovery plan for a technology disaster). Brian asked to meet with the auditor and township manager to discuss some of his concerns.


In regards to the bills, Brian Sayago wondered how township employees get authorized to spend township money on things such as fuel, auto parts, etc. He offered to write a policy to address expenditures.


Plans are being recorded for Heritage Village Phase 6


Available at the Township office for review:

  • 2022 1st quarter Nationwide Police Pension Report
  • 2022 1st quarter Girard Police Pension Report

Approval for the proposal for a UNT Zoning Ordinance and Map Update. (The contract has not been signed yet).


The Township Engineer reported that preliminary tests for pathogens have been conducted and a follow up field review has been scheduled. DEP deficiencies are being address.

The basin in Farmview Estates will be completed in July and August when it is dry.


Proposed events include a Movie Night, a Paint Party with a local vendor and an Open Day in the Park

The grant for the Pickle Ball court has been submitted.  The Supervisors are going to look into obtaining Right-of-Ways from local landowners to establish trails in the township.


Approval to pay $1,500 for an appraisal of a conservation easement of a 12 acre property.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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