Resident requests UNT reconsider using a single-hauler for trash

UNT Supervisor’s Meeting – May 4, 2022


Free mulch is available at the Yard Waste facility on Friedenstahl Avenue (Note: the mulch has not been treated)

Safety Committee meeting – May 24th at 2:00PM

Movie night at Tuskes park on June 17th (Rain date – June 24th)


Morning Star Senior Living Inc. did a presentation on the financing for Phases 5 and 6 of Heritage Village on Biel Avenue. This presentation is legally required of 501(c) 3 organizations that benefit from the tax code. The final phases of the project include 30 cottages and updates to some of the common buildings. The $65 million in financing covers current construction and debt restructuring. The buyer of the bonds will likely be a fund that specializes in tax exempt bonds.

The Supervisors approved the plan after Gary Asteak pointed out that the Township assumes no financial obligations for the deal.


A resident remarked that the landscaping in front of the township building is much improved.

A resident requested the township consider moving to a single- trash hauler, pointing out that she has garbage trucks running down her street 6 days a week which is affecting air quality and leading to problems with vermin. She said the township used to have a Recycling Committee which, on two occasions, recommended changing to a single-hauler. The Supervisors are typically receptive to their other committees recommendations and should not have ignored the Recycling Committee. She also pointed out that, without an active Recycling committee, the township is losing money from available recycling grants.

  • Brian Sayago said he would like to have a hearing on the single-hauler issue. If the Board of Supervisors don’t schedule one this year, he will introduce the issue in 2023.
  • Later in the meeting Township Manager Lisa Klem said that the township is receiving 902 and 904 recycling grants, but having a single-hauler would make the process easier to track and may increase the amount of money the township receives.

I told the Supervisors that the Intermediate School has been sending its sport’s traffic down 4th Street. The Athletic Director seems to have addressed this, but school traffic diverted into a residential neighborhood has been a reoccurring problem. Police Chief Cope said the 4th Street gate has been a nightmare for 25 years and it has been hard to get the school district to address it because there is no paperwork on the gate. A letter will be drafted to the superintendent and Lisa Klem will check the minutes of the Planning Committee back when the gate was installed.


4-to-1 Approval to pay $1,500 out of the General Fund for a movie night at Tuskes Park on June 17th (Robert Disbrow voted against).


The township held a mock accident drill last week at Nazareth High School. Local Police, Fire and EMS units participated.

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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