Residents ask Supervisors to take action on distressed properties

UNT Supervisors Meeting – June 15, 2022


The Recreation Committee is hosting a showing of Encanto on Saturday, June 18th, 8:00PM at Tuskes Park. Free popcorn and water will be provided by the Fire Department.

There is an open position on the Environmental Action Committee. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Township office


Residents on St. Elmo Street lodged a complaint about a distressed property in their neighborhood which is infested with rats. The situation is so bad the rats are now spreading to other houses in the area forcing residents to contract with pest removal services to prevent a rodent invasion in their own house. The homeowner of the distressed property does not even sleep in the house anymore but spends nights in her car.

Supervisor Robert Disbrow brought up another distressed property the township should look into on George Street. Lisa Klem says the owner does not live there but they are trying to get in contact with them.


Approval for Hanover Township to join the Nazareth COG


Some projects are languishing from lack of action and he is looking for ways to get them completed and off the books


The County has approved making the land at the Yard Waste facility on Friedenstahl Ave tax exempt


Approval to contract for professional services to Environmental Planning and Design

Approval for renewing the contract for Traffic Signal Maintenance

Approval to add an additional Sewage Enforcement Officer


The basin at Farmview Estates is scheduled to be renovated this summer but they are having trouble getting the needed materials in and getting permission from Buzzi Unicem to do testing.

Supervisor Brian Sayago expressed concern that things are progressing fast enough on stormwater projects and the township may not have the required report done by the September 30th deadline


Approval of probationary police officers

Approval to accept a resignation from a part-time officer

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have the right to know what their government is doing.

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