Supervisors pass Nazareth Area Multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan

Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s meeting – August 3, 2022

Absent: Mike Rinker


August 27th – The Recreation Committee will hold a movie night at Tuskes Park showing “Luca” with an activity for children beginning at 7:00PM. Free popcorn and water will be provided. A Paint in the Park fundraiser will be held in the afternoon. Cost is $35. Information will be available on the township website soon

September 22-24 – Community Days at Tuskes Park


A resident on Broad Street Extension asked about the house on W. St. Elmo Street neighbors had previously complained about because it is infested with rats. She said that the Boy Scouts are now mowing the owner’s grass. Police Chief Cope said that they’ve involved Area Agency on Aging but the County is having trouble making contact with the owner. Someone asked if there was a way to condemn the house and reported that the owner sleeps every night in the driveway in her car. Gary Asteak said AAA can do an intervention if there’s a health and safety issue.

Another resident thanked the Public Works department for, during one of their road projects, moving people’s garbage cans over to an area where the trucks could empty them

A resident from Farmview Estates thanked the Police Department for how they handed the case of a non-verbal special needs child who’d left home without telling her family.


Brian Sayago announced that he is working on a disaster recovery plan—something which was recommended by the auditors. Rob Disbrow said that paid staff should be doing this. Lisa Klem said the staff hasn’t had time but has applied for a grant to buy back up servers in the event of an emergency. The Fire Chief pointed out that, during the power outage during Superstorm Sandy, the township used resources at the Fire House.

Brian Sayago reported that he attended a seminar on grid scale solar power. There would need to be a new zoning ordinance if the township decided to install a system.


The Comprehensive Plan was presented to the board and passed by a vote of 4 to 0. Moving forward it will be used as a planning tool and will help the township put in a new zoning map sometime in the next six months. Rob Disbrow asked if a plan like this would have been useful when the Tadmor project on Gun Club Road was and was told ‘yes.’ UNT will be better prepared when the next warehouse developer wants to build in an unsuitable spot.

Approval of the Tadmor 2 Stormwater Management Drainage Agreement. Gary Asteak said the agreement will give UNT enforcement rights.


Approval 3 to 1 of Resolution No. 22-14 to apply for $178,568 grant to be used for fire and rescue equipment. (Bryan Sayago voted against because the Resolution had not been publicized.)


Approval for the Township Engineer to complete a survey at Sycamore Park for $4,600

Approval for the Township Engineer to complete a survey at Tewksbury Basin for $3,850

Approval to accept a $1,500 grant to let the Conservation District and Watershed organization install a pollinator garden this fall at Newport Park. The Public Works department will provide the labor and equipment to prepare the ground for planting. The area will be 600 square feet in size.

Approval for the Township Engineer to write up a 5-year GANTT chart for projected work on the MS4 Stormwater program.


Approval for the Fire Department to serve wine and beer at Community Days.  

Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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