What’s Up with the Ranch House Bar and Grill?

During the election, several people asked me about The Ranch House Bar and Grill, expressing concern about how ugly and hazardous it looks and how it’s probably infested with vermin. 


The topic of this structure has come up several times during Supervisor meetings.  The property at the corner of East Lawn and Shoeneck Ave is owned by a Mr. Scipioni and is currently for sale. Concerns about a rat infestation were expressed during the July 1, 2015 meeting and again during the August 5, 2015 meeting.  


At the August 5th meeting, Supervisor Rinker said the building is not condemned despite its poor condition and rejected the idea of rats living there although he did allow that structure is home to birds and cats. Saying that Mr. Scipioni comes by every week to mow the grass, the supervisors showed no interest in taking action on Upper Nazareth’s biggest eyesore.


Upper Nazareth resident, Becky Bartlett, is covering local issues because the media won’t.

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