School Board Meeting – April 25, 2016

Nazareth School Board Meeting – April 25, 2016

Community Concerns

The Kenneth Butz Elementary School with be dedicated on May 3rd at 9:30 AM.

The school district will hold a meeting concerning funding for health care plans for district employees on Tuesday, April 26th

The Relay for Life will be held this weekend.

Announcement on School Funding

Governor Wolfe did not sign, but allowed HB1589 to become law. This bill, while 9 months late, will increase funding to Pennsylvania Schools. The funding will be distributed via a plan developed by the Basic Education Funding Commission.

This time last year, the school board was able to vote on their budget for the upcoming year. This year, the budget process has been delayed due to the ongoing dysfunction in Harrisburg.

Agenda Items

Item IV, V, VI, VII & VIII passed.


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 



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