Supervisor’s Meeting – April 20, 2016

Supervisor’s Meeting – April 20, 2016


Community Announcements

Community Day will be held on August 27th at Tuske’s Park.

  • Point O Eight has been booked as the band.
  • The Fire Department will sponsor fireworks at the event.

A Hazardous Waste Collection will be held at NCC (Bethlehem Campus) on May 21st

The township’s representative to the Boro Municipal Sewer organization has resigned. The township is currently looking for someone else to fill this position.

The Planning Commission recommended to deny New Enterprise’s plan for an asphalt factory on Tatamy Road. The board will place the issue for discussion on the agenda for the May 4th meeting unless New Enterprise chooses to withdrawn their plan.

The Univest 1st quarter Police Pension is available for review.

Construction/Traffic Updates

The installation of the traffic light at Friedenstahl Avenue is on track to begin once school ends. Preliminary work has already begun.

Hoch Street will become a One Way (North) as of April 21st.

A change to parking on Newport Avenue has been proposed where parking on the west side of the road will be prohibited and parking on the east side of the road will be limited to the north end. An ordinance will be drafted and advertised.

  • One Newport Ave. resident attended the meeting, pointing out that parking on the road isn’t bad except for when there are events at the East Lawn social hall.

Crosswalks have been painted across Friedenstahl Ave. on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th streets.  They will be added to 5th and 1st streets soon.

Supervisor Proposals

Supervisor Ytkin asked question about how businesses are registered in the township. All businesses located in the township are required to pay an annual fee of $35. Enforcement of this rule is under the jurisdiction of the Zoning Officer.

Supervisor Sylvainus reintroduced initiating merit raises of employees.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

As Keystates has gone out of business, the board voted to change their codification service to General Co. for $1,998 with an annual fee of $995.

Approval of free standing signs to be added to the crosswalks on Friedenstahl Ave. at a price not to exceed $1,400

Approval of $600 for 4 hours of music by the band Point O Eight at Community Days.

Approval to hire a part time seasonal employee for the summer at $9.00 an hour.

Approval for part-time police officers to be paid $31.47/hour for their Aggressive Driving training.


Becky Bartlett is an Upper Nazareth resident and covers these meetings because residents have a right to be informed about what their government is doing. 


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