No Tax Hikes Anticipated in 2017 Budget

Supervisor’s Meeting – November 2, 2016

Community Concerns

The supervisors welcomed new member, Rob Disbrow, to the board.

Thanks were expressed to the police department for the township Halloween party held on Oct. 31st.

The Holiday Appreciation Luncheon has been tentatively set for Dec. 15th from 11:30 – 1:30 at the East Lawn Social Club

Leaf collection has begun. Check the schedule for your neighborhood here:

Construction Updates

A subdivision for Scenic View Estates has been approved. The developer has obtained financing for a letter of credit, seeking approval from the board. Impact fees payable up front – $48,000. The supervisors plan to put that money into the traffic account.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Change order #7 for the Friedenstahl Avenue traffic light was introduced with a reconcile of $1,785.85. This will bring the total cost to $1.1 million. The supervisors will meet with the school board at some point in the future to seek reimbursement for the cost of construction.

The supervisors are working on the budget. It will be advertised and posted for 20 days before being adopted on 12/7.

  • Needed roadwork has not been budgeted. The township manager is applying for a grant.
  • The township is considering hiring another full-time public workers, resulting in 5 full time workers, 27 total for the township
  • There will be a $40,000 increase in next year’s budget. (.38 mills total cost)
  • The budget should have no tax increases

The budget, when ready, should be posted here:

Approval of a motion to transfer $11,000 into the police pension supplement account.

Approval of a motion to pay all officers of the township monthly.

Approval of $35 for police to trade old guns in for long guns with lights.
Many thanks to Jeanie Morgano for covering this meeting. Citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.


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