Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting – March 15th

March 15, 2017 – Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting


Community Concerns

A resident complained about the township meetings not being listed in the calendar feature on the website.

The supervisors expressed thanks to the Fire Department for helping out the road crew during the storm by providing meals and a place to warm up.

Construction Updates

The 2017 Road Program will include oil and chip maintenance on the streets in East Lawn Garden (Liberty/Henry/George/Charles/El Reno, etc). The supervisors approved the township engineer to open up the bidding process for the job.

The supervisors tabled a request to reduce a Letter of Credit for Redcliff, Phases I and II. They decided to wait for punch lists to be completed.

Township Manager

A new email system for supervisor addresses is estimated to cost $60/year. More information will be presented at a later meeting.

Approval of guidelines for the HOME Program Housing Rehabilitation.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Approval of a 24 month contract with Champion Energy to lock in electricity rates, starting in November.

Approval to close out and return the money of 2 escrow accounts to Scipioni. The Scipioni accounts have not be active since 2011.

Approval to close out and return the money of 2 Duke Realty Escrow accounts.  The accounts were related to Chrin projects.

Approval of an ad for a Yard Waste Facility Worker.

Approval of an ad for street sweeping and yard waste collection this spring.

Approval of a decommissioned police car to be reassigned for use by workers in the township office.

Approval for Melissa Pickens Sylvester, an 11-year police veteran in Bangor, to be hired for a part-time position with the Upper Nazareth police.

Approval for an ad for a part-time police officer.

Approval of a lease for a new police vehicle—a 2017 Dodge.


Resident Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to be informed about the actions of their government



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