Heritage Village Requests Approval for Expanded Property

March 15,2017 – Conditional Use Meeting for Heritage Village

Upper Nazareth Supervisors held a Conditional Use Meeting for Morning Star Senior Living, known locally as Moravian Hall Square. The property in question is located at 139 West Beil Avenue, currently being developed as a continuing care retirement facility.

The request for conditional use addresses a recently acquired 4 acre section which Morning Star wants incorporate into its plans for Heritage Village. Any land development on the new site will be subject to review by the supervisors.

Ted Lewis, attorney for Morning Star, said that the organization wants to repurpose the barn and farm house on the property, not tear them down.  CEO Susan Dravick pointed out that the Planning Commission reviewed the application on March 9th and approved it.  Christian Brown, the landscape architect, said that NBMA (Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority) has already approved the design and that he intends to keep the project compatible with existing zoning and the rural character of the neighborhood.

Township attorney, Gary Asteak, requested Morning Star file a single consolidated deed for the project but received some push back. Ted Lewis argued that the organization was only seeking approval for conditional use. Any plans for development will be presented later.

A resident wanted to know if there were plans to add additional driveways onto Biel Avenue, but Susan Dravick said no, that would be bad for security and might annoy neighbors with headlights beaming through their windows.

The Supervisors have 45 days to render a decision on this request.


Resident Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to be informed about the actions of their government


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