Supervisors Questioned about Open Space Referendum


September 18, 2019 – Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting

Absent: Robert Disbrow


Trick or Treat will be held on October 31st from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

The UNT Police will hold a Halloween party for kids on October 31st from 4:30 – 8:00 pm at the Township building.


Public Comment

Two residents reported multiple cars running the stop sign at 5th Street and Friendenstahl Ave. including in the morning when young children are waiting for the bus. Police Chief Cope said a number of cars have been stopped, but only 2 citations for speeding having been issued with another 8 or so for failure to stop.

  • Mike Rinker suggested painting the whole stop sign and the pole red.


A resident requested another speed limit sign be posted on Gun Club Road, south of Blossom Hill. He also requested information on how to get added to the agenda for the Planning Commission. (Answer: submit the request by tomorrow)


Kristin Mullen, who is running for Supervisor, asked about the plan for educating the public about the Open Space Referendum on the November 5th ballot. She pointed out that Lower Nazareth approved the same referendum in May and they held two public meetings before citizens went to the polls. Gary Asteak is on record saying the tax wouldn’t pass without public education. He chastised the supervisors, saying they should hold several public forums and send out a mailer. Kristin pointed out that, so far, she’s the only one to do any public education on the issue. She manned a table at Community Days, but her efforts were someone blunted by also having to distribute information about the Spotted Lanternfly.

  • Mike Rinker said they would try to plan two public meetings although they will have to be held separately from the regularly scheduled supervisor meetings. They better get busy. The election is only 6 weeks away.


I asked a question about an opinion piece published in the Express Times. Craig Weintraub, is a board member of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission and said that the blame for uncontrolled growth and development  (i.e. warehouses) lies solely with municipalities, not the LVPC.

I read through Mr. Weintraub’s list of municipality missteps—outdated zoning ordinances, lack of professional support staff, poor attendance by members and little to no mandatory training.

  • Does UNT have a Code Enforcement Officer
    • Answer: No
  • East Allen and Allen Townships have had multiple problems with warehouses in recent years. Has UNT updated any of their zoning ordinances in an effort to prevent the same problems?
    • Answer: No, although supervisors claimed otherwise. The last date mentioned for updating ordinances was 2007 – 2008, long before the Fed Ex warehouse was in permitting phase.


Supervisor’s Comments

  • In response to a letter from the developer, approval to extend the decision on the Tadmor Project (1 million square foot warehouse on Gun Club Road) to December 31st.
  • Approval for the Boy Scouts to do a ‘Citizenship in the Community’ clean up of township streams.
  • A sink hole at the Amazon facility is being repaired.


Township Solicitor

  • Approval to extend the Eagles Landing Phase 3C maintenance period till December 31st.


Township Manager

  • The membership of the Recreation Parks and Open Space Master Plan Group Study Commission, which is approved by DCNR, was increased from 11 to 13. Scott Sylvanius and Kristin Mullen are now members.


Planning & Zoning

  • Approval of the Heritage Village Phase 3 & 4 Final Land Development Plan
  • Approval of a Waiver Request – SALDO 733.613—Minimum separation distance between a driveway and a street intersection
  • Approval of Resolution No. 19-12 – Heritage Village Phase 3 & 4 Final Land Development Plan.


Becky Bartlett covers these meetings because citizens have a right to know what their government is doing.

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