September 2, 2015 – Upper Nazareth Supervisor’s Meeting

                                      Board of Supervisor’s Meeting

                                                September 2, 2015



September 5th – Community Day at Tuskes Park/ Rain date for fireworks – Sunday, Sept. 6th

  • Activities include rides, food vendors, a band, and fireworks

October 3rd – Touch a Truck at Tuskes Park

October 10th – Hazardous Waste Drop-off event at NCC Main Campus


Community Concerns

A resident of Winsor Court had a complaint about Ordinance 159 which was passed back in February/March. Ordinance 159 prohibits residents from piling snow in the street. Residents of Winsor Court do not have front yards

  • The township solicitor says snow cannot be put in the street due to liability issues

A resident informed the board that the sticker on the sign at the park at Sycamore Street, indicating the park is open from Dawn to Dusk, has been removed.

Any item to be included in the newsletter must be received by Sept 18th. The newsletter should be finished and ready to mail out by Sept. 30th.

Construction Updates

Installation of a light at Route 191 and Friedenstahl Avenue

  • The township is waiting for the review from PennDOT. When received, they will schedule a public meeting at the Township building to discuss this project and rerouting traffic.

Construction at Carriage Hill Estates (the area above City View Drive) will begin in the next few weeks.

The board voted to use Bond Flex to replace the mulch at several local playgrounds. Prep work and installation should begin soon.

A Boy Scout from Troop 44 received approval to construct a bulletin board at Tuske’s Park near the men’s room for his Eagle Project.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The board voted to approve the audit which was presented at the Aug. 19th meeting.

Approval to replace lights in the Township building, the building at Daniel’s Road, and on Friedenstahl Avenue with florescent lights (T-8s). The upgrade includes a number of rebates and is expected to save the township $400-$500 a month in electric costs. The final cost is estimated to be $9,541.

Approval of money for an ad to be placed in The Express Times and on the township website for 2 part time road crew workers

Approval of $110 to send E.J. Mentry and Betty Parrish to attend the NCATO conference in October.

Becky Bartlett is a candidate for Upper Nazareth Supervisor. The election will be held on November 3rd.

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