Upper Nazareth Residents — Please stop feeding feral cats

Upper Nazareth Supervisors – August 2, 2017

Upcoming Events

Community Day will be held at Tuske’s Park on August 25th & 26th. Smoking will not be allowed although alcohol will be served.

The next township meeting will be held on August 16th at 7:00.

Community Concerns

A resident protested the idea of sludge being dumped in UN township. Synagro Technologies, Inc. is looking to apply sludge in Plainfield township and, reportedly, looking to expand to other communities.

In regards to the idea of a prison being built in UN, a resident polled the supervisors to see if they were for or against the idea. They all replied that they were against it. The zoning officers said that he has not been approached about installing a prison near Gracedale.

Former supervisor, Andy Donello, complained about water at his home and wanted to know what the township would do about it. The supervisors said they can’t help all the rain we’ve gotten lately, but they will look into it as well as the truck and bus traffic on his street. Also, the PennEast Pipeline is scheduled to be installed 200 feet from his home.

Residents are complaining about feral cats in the area. Supervisors urge people NOT to put food out for them.

Construction Updates

Amendments to Subdivision Improvements Agreement in Eagles Landing, IIIB and IIIC were approved

There will be a new Facebook page for “Upper Nazareth Township Recycling” as soon as it is approved by the manager.

Fourteen people are on the waiting list for federal funds from Fair Housing #17-12. The money helps low income people fix up their homes.

Mark Stewart was appointed to the zoning board as a permanent member.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Police Chief Cope concluded his probation period and received a salary increase to $88,000.


Many thanks to Joanne Messenlehner for covering this meeting. Citizens deserve to know what their government is doing.


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